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The world is constantly changing

The pace at which the world is changing has increased rapidly. And it is an opportunity on the one hand, a danger on the other.

The opportunities that the new technology offers are well known. New jobs, better processes, shorter distances to the customer. The well-being of mankind is increasing. Knowledge is spread. We cannot stop all this and there is no need for intervention in this area either.

But the risks are very similar. Jobs disappear, processes become more complex. The short distances to the customer make the whole construct unmanageable and he loses the overview.

Something interesting happened yesterday in Switzerland. Public transport had a massive delay problem. At the same time, large parts of Google were unavailable. Is there a connection here under certain circumstances?
The Fragile Internet

In my job, something new happens every day. But I am actually only a web developer.
But the internet in its present form is super unstable. It doesn't all work right away and a lot of unexpected things happen every day.
A concept that was good yesterday might turn out to be junk today. A system that was perfect yesterday might not work today. The technology everyone uses may not be up to date or ahead of its time. An example: Whatsapp. So if it's still written in Erlang, it's pretty 80s, but everybody uses it. Or parent company Facebook: Distributes data illegally to analytics companies. And as if that wasn't enough, what's Facebook technology doing in WordPress? WordPress is not suitable for this from the backend. It is simply programmed over it, regardless of losses. In our company philosophy, good code comes first. But with the uncertainties of external software this is hardly possible anymore. The times when you wrote everything yourself are over. WordPress as a basic framework for everything is actually a good idea. But why this editor? That's why this website no longer exists as an independent website, it integrates Telegram directly. What do I need other apps for anymore?